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Billericay Action Group was formed in early 2014 in response to Basildon Borough Council’s Consultation on their draft Local Plan. The plan proposed the building of 16,000 new homes in the Borough by 2031, with 2500 in Billericay of which 2300 would be on our Green Belt.

Few in Billericay were aware of the Local Plan or the Consultation. However, after gaining an extension to the consultation timescale we enabled around 1100 Billericay residents to submit responses and collected and delivered to the Council over 1000 of those. Despite representing only around 20% of the Boroughs population Billericay residents accounted for around 50% of the total responses submitted. As a result Basildon Borough Council has announced a years delay to its original timescale for the production of its Local plan to allow it to take account of the comments received.

Billericay Action Group believes that Basildon Borough Council’s Objectively Assessed Need of 16,000 new homes is unjustified and has produced a widely acclaimed White Paper supporting this conclusion. The Borough’s natural growth would amount to around 8,400 new homes over the period of the Local Plan.

We have successfully fought an election for a seat on Billericay Town Council, have a regular newsletter and continue to campaign to protect our Green Belt and our town’s historic character.

BAG was a founding member of SEEAGA.

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