DCA - Dunton Community Association

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Dunton Community Association was founded in 1977 to represent the interests of the residents of Dunton Wayletts, or Dunton as it is usually known. It is a registered charity.

From north to south the village starts with the properties in Brentwood Road, just north of the A127, and runs down Lower Dunton Road to the Basildon/Thurrock borough boundary at Lower Dunton Hall.

In terms of land area Dunton Wayletts is predominantly an agricultural community, but it is also the location of two well-known wedding venues, the Langdon Nature Reserve, some small businesses and about 250 homes, many of which are mobile homes sited on Dunton Park.

The recorded history of the village goes back to the Domesday Book, where its name is recorded as Dantona. 'Wayletts' is derived from the Saxon 'waylete', meaning a meeting of roads, and refers to the ancient crossroads which still exists just north of the A127. The village has a wealth of historic buildings.

Dunton Community Association's main concern at the moment is the threat presented by the West Basildon Urban Extension and Dunton Hills Garden Village. The West Basildon Urban Extension is a proposal in Basildon Council's emerging Local Plan to build 1,000 homes, together with commercial and other properties, in Dunton, with a further 1,350 homes planned after 2034. Dunton Hills Garden Village is a proposal by Brentwood Council to build 2,500 homes, together with other properties, on the edge of Dunton.

The combined effect of these two developments would be to obliterate Dunton Wayletts as a village and unnecessarily destroy over one thousand years of local history. Above all it would alter beyond recognition the only village in South-East Essex that still retains its original Saxon linear shape.

The two developments would effectively bridge the gap between Basildon and Upminster, the only significant stretch of open land between Southend and London. The Metropolitan Green Belt is at its narrowest at that point, and to erode it further would set a precedent that would threaten the survival of the Green Belt.

The infrastructure in the area is already saturated, and no funding has been set aside or has any prospect of being found for the improvements that would be necessary to support nearly 5,000 additional homes. In particular increased congestion on the A127, which is already operating at capacity, would jeopardise Basildon's economic success.

We have urged, and will continue to urge, councillors and local MPs to oppose these damaging proposals.

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