RDR press release: Air Quality Monitoring - 6 Jan 2017

Fed up and concerned opposition parties on Rochford District Council, the Lib Dem Party, Rochford District Residents and the Green Party have joined forces on the important issue of Air Quality, after Rochford District Council turned down their request to increase the number of Air Quality Monitoring stations across the district.

The three parties are aligned in wanting to ensure their residents are not suffering the harmful, dangerous & deadly effects caused by NO2 gases which are caused by our increasingly congested roads.

They are launching a ‘Healthy Air’ campaign across the District and are keen for members of the public to get involved.

Spokespersons for the newly formed campaign Cllrs John Mason, James Newport and Michael Hoy state, “We believe that the continued national air quality limits maybe exceeded in some places across the Rochford District and we need to ensure that our public health is being monitored in areas of concern. The Council’s current strategy is very limited in where Air Quality is monitored so we must take matters into our own hands for the safety and welfare of our residents. Younger children, the elderly and people with breathing difficulties are most vulnerable to poor air quality and we have a duty to protect them.”

The first new privately funded placements of monitoring equipment have been started in Jan 2017. Funding is being supplied by the three cross party group Councillors.

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Contact Cllr John Mason: Cllr.John.Mason@Rochford.gov.uk, 01702 204377
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