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BIGGER ALLIANCE: SEEAGA is joining forces with nationwide initiative to fight inapropriate development. See their website at There is also a new petition which is taking off fast. If you have objected to developments anywhere then you probably want to sign this one at Another part of the project is to gather national data on housing developments. If you are an action group campaigner you can help out by filling in our survey form about your council's Local Plan at For the table of results go here

PETITION: SEEAGA has started a petition to ask Basildon Council to give protection to green spaces within Basildon, Billericay and Wickford. While we fight to save as much as we can of the green belt land outside these urban areas we must not forget the green spaces inside the towns. The council was hoping we would not notice how little protection they were giving them, but we did notice. Please sign and share the petition at

NEWS: SEEAGA is running a campaign with the slogan "Say No Over-development" to fight against the unsustainable levels of housing proposed in the Thames Gateway Strategic Housing Market Assesment which covers Basildon, Thurrock, Castle Point, Rochford and Southend (It is also of interest to neighbouring Local Authorities including Brentwood and Chelmsford) This could mean up to 86,000 homes being built by these councils. If you wish to be updated on progress send us an e-mail at The campaign has been featured in the Yellow Advertiser.

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In towns and villages across the country residents are fighting to prevent unjustified housing developments, particularly those where Green Belt land will be lost for ever. Councils are willfully ignoring local concerns in spite of the Prime Ministerís drive for Localism.

In the South East of Essex the situation is exacerbated by the limited supply of land suitable for development, the already-overstretched infrastructure and the existing high population density. A number of independent Action Groups have already been set up by concerned residents. Now these groups are collaborating, sharing information and experiences and preparing to fight together on their shared concerns.

The SE Essex Action Group Alliance, (AGA), has been initiated by action groups from Billericay, Rayleigh, Hullbridge, Daws Heath and Jotmans Farm (these fall within the Basildon, Rochford and Castle Point Local Authority areas). AGA will campaign on four main issues:-


Untold and irreversible damage will be done to the towns and villages in Essex if National and Local Government continue to disregard the views of residents (the electors), by allowing unjustified building and the destruction of the Green Belt. To stop this happening it is essential that local people make their views known through their local Action Groups who are working together to present a strong and united case to the decision makers.

The SE Essex Action Group Alliance invites other groups in the SE of Essex to unite with us to ensure the views of existing residents are no longer ignored by those who purport to represent them.


Housing Targets
Green Belt
Action Groups:
BAG - Billericay
BGNBRA - Bowers Gifford
DCA - Dunton
HOOGB - Daws Heath
HRA - Hullbridge
JFAG - Jotmans Farm
RAID - West Basildon
RAGE - South Benfleet
RAG - Rayleigh
RBR - Ramsden Bellhouse
RDR - Rochford
WAG - Wickford